Dental Amalgam has been around for 200 years. Many scientist and the majority of dentist point to this fact and say that if “amalgams were so bad, then there should be a lot of sick people”. They insist that they would NOT be using it if it were dangerous. I believe that they are honest when they say that. Being a dentist, I would have said the same thing and agreed to the scientists prior to 1983. What made me change my mind?

I grew up in an age prior to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency); before Rachael wrote “Silent Spring”; before DDT was banded. I grew up having contact with many poisons and toxins before they were advertised as such. When I was young, gasoline still contained lead (Pb) as an additive. The average blood lead content was at least 15 ppb. Today we know that even levels above 5 ppb can cause “permanent brain damage” in children. The average blood level today is around 5 ppb. Right on the edge of what we are calling dangerous. DDT is no longer used but we are dealing with the consequences year later. Toxins have a funny way of staying around in the environment.

Our bays, like Corpus Christi Bay and ? Bay have high levels of heavy metals in them. The scientist at the Marine Biology Center in Port Aransas are accutely aware of the problems of toxins and metals in our bays. It is not safe to eat shell fish out of Lavaca Bay because it is so heavily contaminated. The scientists and workers at the Aquariuim can tell you how lethal small, infintisimal amounts of heavy metals can be to a tank full of fish.

It is a well known fact that a frog can be cooked alive while in a pot full of water, just as long as the temperature is raised slowly. They don’t seem to be aware of the danger until it is already fatal. We in our environmente are a lot like that. The gradual change in our health lures us into a complancy that is the fatal.

Years ago, a study was conducted in the dessert in Arizona.