Better vitamin D status could mean better quality of life for seniors.

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Here it is again.  Vitamin D keeps showing up with very good results and in a lot of different studies.

This study investigated whether Vitamin D levels were related to Quality of Life in a large group of senior citizens.  The outcome says YES it does.  Senior citizens with good vitamin D levels were much healthier than their counter parts with low levels.

The recent research is suggesting that you take between 2000 and 5000 IUs per day of Vitamin D.  This is a lot higher than what has been the recommendation for years.

If you want to have good bones and teeth as well as enjoying a superior quality of life as you get older, add vitamin D to your list of pills that you take every day.

Dr Lowrance

Dr Lowrance is a Family Practice Dentist in Corpus Christi, TX. He is also a board certified Clinical Nutritionist and regularly counsels his patients on good nutrition. He also treats TMJ and headache patients using neuromuscular principles and treats Sleep Apnea patients as well as snoring problems. He sees patients who are CPAP intolerant and want an alternative to the “machine”.
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