Cosmetic Dentures are more than better denture teeth!

Years ago, I heard someone talking about riding in really good sports car.  They talked about how different the feel was from riding in a Mustang.  Since I have never ridden in a Lamborghini and probably never will, I will always have to wonder what the difference really is.  They say it is like another world driving experience. 

That is what is must be like if you have dentures but have never had anything but the plain, everyday set of dentures that any dentist or dental laboratory can make.  They may be good, like a Ford Mustang, but they will never be like a Lamborghini. 

A really great set of cosmetic dentures fit like a custom made dress or suit, not something off the rack.  They are custom designed for your body and face.  They accentuate your best physical assets and comfortably hide the worse ones.  They are "who you are" and they say it in style.  When you are wearing a custom dress or suit, you feel more comfortable and confident.  I can attest to that fact. 

Another difference between Custom Cosmetic Dentures and Dentures is who the laboratory artist is.  Is this what they do solely or do they do a lot of different types of dentistry?  The laboratory I use for dentures and partials takes 6 weeks to make the custom denture–not the 5 days at a local laboratory.  They contract with only a few dentist and not every dentist.  You have to prove yourself to have them do your patients dentures. 

Good dentures may chew well but Custom Cosmetic Dentures make chewing enjoyable again.  They restore your vertical bite to what it was when you were young.  They re-stretch sagging tissue so it looks young and they place the jaw joint (TMJ) in a neuromuscular correct position.  This may not seem important, but a correct jaw joint position and vertical bit can increase your upper body strength, balance, range of motion and stamina.  It is the same physiological principle used for building performance enhancing mouth guards for professional athletes.  If you are curious about this, go to and see the professional endorsements and explanations.  As a side note, do you ever wonder why getting old means you lose your balance more?  May be it is loss of vertical and correct bite.

A correct bite can significantly improve Sleep Apnea and Snoring. In simple terms, by opening the bite, you unkink the airway. That is, you straighten it out so air can go through it easier. It is like a hose that is bent and water has a hard time passing through until you straighten the hose out.

If you are wanting to know more or have questions about whether or not you are a good candidate for Neuromuscular Cosmetic Dentures, call my office and ask for a complimentary consultation. 

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