Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry finds FOY dentures can relieve TMJ symptoms.Choosing the best dentures to suit your mouth impacts more than just how you look. Some people settle with generic dentures to fill their mouth because they are less expensive than quality dentures. Although your budget is important, settling for lower quality dentures will cause you more harm than good. If you choose generic dentures, you may be putting yourself at risk for developing TMJ. FOY® Dentures, also known as The Denture Fountain of Youth®, will help protect the health of your jaw and leave you feeling more confident and comfortable.

Misaligning and Overworking Your Jaw

Generic dentures do not sit well in the mouth. They may be matched roughly to the size of your jaw, but they still slide around and slip out. When this happens, you unconsciously move your jaw and work your mouth muscles to hold your teeth in place. Compensating in this manner can push your temporomandibular joint out of alignment, causing TMJ to develop. Even if the joint is not misaligned by your dentures, you may overwork the joint by trying to keep the dentures in. TMJ can also develop as a result of fatigue.

In addition to not staying in place properly, generic dentures do not give your facial muscles and bones the support that they need. Your facial muscles and lips depend on your teeth for support. Without them, your features may appear sunken in. Your teeth also support the position of your jaw. Generic dentures are not usually tall enough to hold your jaw where it should sit naturally. When the jaw sits too low, TMJ can develop. Another adverse health condition often associated with ill-fitting dentures is resorption of unused jawbone by your body.

Supporting Your Face with FOY® Dentures

FOY® Dentures are designed to support your facial muscles and jaw, returning them to their natural position. These dentures are created using an impression of your muscles in motion so that your new teeth fit without hindering your natural movement. You will no longer compensate for unstable dentures, saving your jaw and protecting you from TMJ. Support of your facial muscles will also give you a younger look because your face will no longer appear sunken in. The ideal height of your natural teeth is also taken into account so that your dentures offer your jaw optimal support.

Other types of dentures do not sit properly in your jaw, causing uneven wear to the joints that can cause TMJ symptoms. Your FOY® Dentures will be measured specifically for your mouth so that they sit properly and realign your jaw joint. When the jaw joint is properly aligned, the risk of TMJ and bone resorption will decrease.

Your looks and jaw health are important to maintain no matter what stage of life you are in. Don’t let generic dentures lower your confidence and take away your quality of life. At Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we know that properly fitting dentures are an important part of your health. If you are looking for the right denture solution for you, please call (361) 851-8274 for an appointment.