Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt embarrassed by what you see? Do you avoid smiling because of the shape or shade of your teeth? As much as a damaged smile can feel isolating, believe us when we say you’re not alone. Americans across the country are embarrassed by their smiles. Just take a look at all the “whitening” chewing gum in the grocery store or the sponsored ads for charcoal toothpaste. Many are searching for their dream smiles but don’t know how to get there.

The truth is, however, that you may not be as far away as you think. Cosmetic dentistry is about dental treatments that combine the two golden rules of design: form and function. Depending on what your smile needs, there are several treatments that will make your teeth beautiful while also making sure they’re up to the task of being teeth.

A beautiful young red haired woman showing of her smile while looking out a window. Believe it or not, your dream smile could be just one treatment away!

Professional Whitening

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic dental procedure there is. Over time, teeth become stained by the food we eat, liquid we drink, and habits like smoking or chewing tobacco. We just can’t help it. Our tooth enamel contain several micro pockets which collecting staining agents found in things like coffee or berries, which makes our teeth appear yellow in color. Luckily, profession whitening offers an easy way to fix this.

To put it simply, professional whitening works by using a solution — usually containing peroxide — in order to dissolve the staining agents that have become trapped in teeth. This solution is applied to the enamel, activated by a heating agent like a light, and then rinsed away. After a professional whitening appointment, your teeth could be up to eight shades whiter. When combining an in-office appointment with a take-home solution, results can be even more dramatic.

Tooth Colored-Fillings

If you received a filling for a cavity before the last decade, chances our you received a metal filling made from amalgam. While cheap to make, these fillings don’t look very attractive when you open your mouth. Also, they’re not known to have a long life-span. Because metal will heat up when exposed to friction, many amalgam fillings will expand and suffer microfractures overtime. Known as “leaking,” this means that bacteria will again be able to enter a tooth, which may mean a root canal in the future. Tooth colored-fillings can replace any amalgam fillings, and are nearly invisible. Not only will your smile look great, but your teeth will be protected, as well. 

Are You Ready For Your Dream Smile?

Believe it or not, your dream smile could be just one treatment away, which is why you should schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. During your consultation, you can speak with your dentist about your smile pain points, and discuss the treatments that are best suited to your circumstances. After even just a single appointment, you and your dentist can begin working on a smile makeover designed for you.

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