If you are looking forward to retirement, there’s something you should do to prepare yourself. And we’re not talking about shifting your assets to a lower-risk portfolio to keep them from getting wiped out just before retirement. We’re actually talking about something even more important: fixing your teeth and gums.

Fixing your teeth and gums is important for your health, and it’s important for your finances. Plus, it will make it a lot easier to enjoy your retirement.

An attractive retired couple enjoying time outside during the fall season. Before you think about retiring, you might want to think about your oral health!

Your Mouth Is the Source

Almost everything that enters your body comes in through your mouth. Everything you eat and everything you drink. Even if you breathe through your nose, it passes through the back of your throat on the way to your lungs. That’s part of the reason why it’s so easy for oral health problems to spread to the rest of your body. Poor oral health can increase your risk of pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, dementia, even cancer.

Not only that, but healthy, strong teeth (or an effective tooth replacement, like quality dentures or dental implants) have a critical mechanical role to play. Good teeth can reduce your risk of failing. They can improve your walking speed and hand grip strength, making you more mobile and capable.

And being able to eat a full variety of foods, and not being limited to processed foods, helps you maintain a healthy, varied diet.

These are the important ways that your mouth can be a source of health rather than a source of illness. If you want to be healthy for retirement, make sure you address oral health problems.

An Investment That Pays Dividends

Being healthy is its own benefit, but it also comes with a dividend. We’re talking real cash here: treating oral health problems can save you big money. One study showed that getting gum disease treatment could reduce the cost of treating related conditions by up to $6000 a year, depending on the condition.

And it’s not just the money: gum disease treatment reduced the risk of hospitalization for these patients by up to 40%, helping them to spend more time doing the things they loved rather than in a hospital with uncertain outcomes.

Looking at these potential savings, it’s clear that treating oral health problems now can definitely help your retirement funds go a lot further.

Enjoy Your Retirement

But perhaps the biggest thing you will get from fixing your teeth now is the freedom to enjoy your retirement.

Health is a big factor in being able to do all the things you want to do with your retirement. Whether you want to garden or fish, travel or woodcraft, you will appreciate being healthy and mobile.

You’ll also be happier spending time with friends, old and new, if you feel comfortable and confident in your smile (and your breath). Good oral health makes it easier to be social during retirement.

Plus, good oral health will help you enjoy foods. Unhealthy teeth can give you a bad taste in your mouth, and bad dentures can make it hard to eat, while diminishing your sense of taste. But with good, healthly teeth (or replacements), you can eat all the foods you like and enjoy every bite.

Get Ready for Retirement in Corpus Christi

If you are nearing retirement in Corpus Christi or the surrounding areas, make sure fixing your teeth is on your checklist of priorities.

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