Brushing and flossing your teeth daily isn’t just something your parents tell you to get you to bed. Daily dental care helps you keep your teeth for as long as possible, but that isn’t the only benefit. Your heart can benefit from keeping your teeth in tip-top condition.

Beautiful Happy Woman Showing Off Her Healthy Smile With A Love Sign Near Eyes. Why Can Your Heart Be Affected by Your Teeth?

Why Can Your Heart Be Affected by Your Teeth?

Hypertension, simply put, is high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause heart disease and strokes. While many factors, like diet, exercise and familial medical history, can contribute to your risk of hypertension, poor oral hygiene can also increase your risks.

The CDC estimates about 30% of Americans have high blood pressure. The CDC also estimates under half of that number have hypertension under control with diet, exercise and medications.

The connection between hypertension and gum health is strong. A study published in the Journal Hypertension by the American Heart Association found that gum disease was linked with higher blood pressure. Not only that, but people with gum disease were more likely to have difficulty controlling their blood pressure with medication, and the more severe the gum disease, the more likely medication would fail.

What Can I Do to Protect My Heart and Teeth?

If you are concerned about your teeth and heart, the best thing you can do is to visit your dentist regularly. According to, 2/3rds of Americans service their car more often than attending regular dental check-ups.

Dental check-ups are one of the best ways to prevent dental problems, and any heart problems that may come from periodontal diseases. Periodontal disease can recede your gums which creates a gap for bad bacteria to grow and damage your enamel. In this gap, your bloodstream is susceptible to bacteria, which is a direct route to your heart’s arteries. If that bacteria hardens in your arteries, you can experience severe consequences, like an increased risk of heart attack.

But it’s also important to improve your home hygiene routine. If you’re already brushing twice daily and flossing every day (be honest), consider adding dry brushing to your daily routine. It’s a great way to improve the cleanliness of your teeth without introducing additional fluoride or abrasion that’s in toothpaste.

How a Corpus Christi Dentist Can Help You Today

Your home hygiene routine is your greatest weapon against gum disease and the complications of gum disease. Gum disease impacts more than your teeth: it affects your entire body, and the consequences go beyond high blood pressure to other effects like Tentative Link Between Alzheimers’s and Gum Disease. When you are ready to take the first steps to heart and teeth health, contact Corpus Christi dentist Dr. Lowrance and his expert team today. Contact the Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today at (361) 851-8274.