Offering Patients Cutting Edge Treatment Starts With Continuing Education

Like a medical doctor, becoming a dentist is a rigorous process that requires years of dental school, and a state license, which requires further examination, practical and otherwise. Dentists are also required to keep up a certain level of continuing education throughout their entire dental career. This could mean pursuing post-DMD education, obtaining advanced certifications, or [...]

By |May 29th, 2019|TMJ|

Picturing Your Dental Results With Technology

If you’ve ever had a dental procedure that’s going to change the look of your teeth, there was an element of mystery involved that may not have been pleasant. Whether you’re having your teeth straightened, whitened, or even having a more extreme cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, there’s only so much your dentist can do [...]

What to Ask Yourself Before Getting Teeth Whitening

In our last blog, we talked about the misconceptions about whitening gum and toothpaste, and this week we’re talking about being honest with yourself and your dentist. If you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, you shouldn't be embarrassed. White teeth are on our TV screens, our movie posters, and all over Instagram. [...]

Does Eating Fruit Damage Your Teeth?

It might be a little know fact, but oranges first came to Texas at the end of the nineteenth-century. Since then, residents of Corpus Christi has been able to enjoy these citrus fruits along with grapefruits - plus they provide you with vital nutrients that keep your body healthy. Despite their benefits, consuming excessive amounts [...]