Why Fixing Your Teeth Should Be a Retirement Priority

If you are looking forward to retirement, there’s something you should do to prepare yourself. And we’re not talking about shifting your assets to a lower-risk portfolio to keep them from getting wiped out just before retirement. We’re actually talking about something even more important: fixing your teeth and gums. Fixing your teeth and gums [...]

5 Signs It’s Time to Give Up on a Tooth

In general, we want to preserve your natural teeth as long as we can. However, there comes a point when it’s time to admit that the best course of action is removing the tooth and replacing it, hopefully with a dental implant.  But how do you know when you’ve reached that point? [...]

Washington’s Dentures: The Legend in the Myth

Ever since his term as our first president, rumors about George Washington’s life have become popular lore in American history classes. Some report that Washington chopped down a cherry tree in his youth and could not lie about it, and others claim that Washington wore a powdered wig. One of the best-known rumors about [...]

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FOY® Dentures Can Protect From TMJ

Choosing the best dentures to suit your mouth impacts more than just how you look. Some people settle with generic dentures to fill their mouth because they are less expensive than quality dentures. Although your budget is important, settling for lower quality dentures will cause you more harm than good. If you choose generic [...]

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