Preventive Dentistry

Bad Teeth, Bad Heart? How Your Dental Hygiene Can Affect Your Heart

Brushing and flossing your teeth daily isn’t just something your parents tell you to get you to bed. Daily dental care helps you keep your teeth for as long as possible, but that isn’t the only benefit. Your heart can benefit from keeping your teeth in tip-top condition.Why Can Your Heart Be Affected by Your [...]

Your Teeth Deserve The Best: How Dry Brushing Can Help You

Thousands of toothpaste commercials would have you believe that a 30 second application of toothpaste to your teeth will kill bacteria, refresh your breath, whiten your teeth and prevent decay.  Unfortunately, as with most advertising, it is misleading. Why? Because of biofilm. Biofilm is a microscopic cover of bacterial goo that prevents fluoride or [...]