Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry beautiful smile.Dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option to restore your smile’s natural beauty, while ensuring the simple pleasures of comfort plus function. Dr. Lowrance is one of only a few dentists to provide complete dental implant services, including diagnosis, implant placement, creating the restoration teeth to fit securely onto the implants, and then maintaining the reconstruction. In fact, Dr. Lowrance’s hand will guide you smoothly through the entire process using the newest method in implant design and placement:  cone beam guided implants.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option. They have grown dramatically in popularity over the last 30 years because they offer benefits that other tooth replacements simply cannot, such as:

  • Look just like natural teeth
  • Allow you to eat all your favorite foods
  • No need to modify neighboring teeth
  • No special maintenance required
  • Implants can last a lifetime

Dental implants are structured just like your natural teeth. They have an artificial root that is bonded with your jaw, topped with a natural-looking dental crown. They aren’t connected to other teeth—like a dental bridge is—or a plate—like a partial denture.

Because dental implants are attached to your bone, they can exert the same bite force as your natural teeth. They also don’t come out when you bite into the most challenging foods. This means you can keep enjoying all the foods you ate before.
Dental Implant for Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
And dental implants support themselves. Implants can be used to replace single teeth and eliminate the need to place crowns on perfect teeth just to do a bridge. As few as two implants can support and anchor a lower or upper denture, thereby immensely improving retention and biting pressure.

Implants can be used to replace multiple teeth. For instance with just 4 implants on the upper arch, you can replace 12 missing upper teeth.

The lifespan of dental implants is measured in decades. Many people need to replace the dental crown once or twice, but dental implants can last you the rest of your life.

How Cone Beam CT Improves Implant Dentistry

Using the newest digital radiographic (digital x-rays), we can now create a 3 Dimensional image of the area we want to place the dental implants. This allows us to precisely plan where the implants will go and place them using a custom surgical matrix. This takes all the guess work and pain out of implants.

This has many benefits for you:

  1. No more guessing at where to place the implants—it’s put in the right place for best odds of success
  2. Less invasive (requires only one limited surgical procedure with no sutures versus two surgeries with stitches)
  3. Quicker recovery (go to work the next day)
  4. More predictable restorative results in esthetics and function
  5. Less expensive
  6. Placement can be optimized for single teeth or multiple implants supporting a denture

Cone beam CT takes the already very successful procedure of dental implants and makes it even better.

Our Implant Dentists

Meet Dr. Chester Layne, one of the most highly trained implant dentists in Texas. After receiving his DDS in 1981, he recognized the significance of dental implants, which had been newly introduced to the US at that time. He started pursuing additional training in implant dentistry. He earned a Fellowship from the International Conference of Implantology (ICOI). Later, he entered the elite ranks of ICOI Mastership. Not only is he trained on the placing of the implant root, he has trained extensively on the placing of crowns and bridges on the dental implant, shown by his recognition as a Fellow by the International Conference of Implant Prosthodontics. This puts him in an excellent position to partner with expert cosmetic dentist Dr. Don Lowrance.

Many dental offices will send you to another office to get either the implant root or crown placed, but our pair of elite dentists can do the entire procedure, start to finish, here in our office.

To learn how dental implants in Corpus Christi can help you, please call (361) 851-8274 or contact us today for a free consultation and information about financing.