Thursday was a catch-up day. Karen and Meg did small things that needed their attention. I went to the dental department at Beijing Family Hospital (part of the the United Family Hospital group) and the only independently owned and hopspital certified group in China. Its patients are mostly (90%) expatriates who receive western style medicine and treatment in an individual environment. A few years ago, expatriates would with critical needs would be flown to HongKong or Singapore for treatment. Now they can be treated and have a traditional western hospital stay in Beijing. This is a tremendous move forward for medical and dental care in Beijing. The hospital is expanding rapidly and with its accredidation; it is on the forefront.

I was shown the hospital and dental hospital and visited with several of the dentists and other personnel. The dental assistants must be registered nurses and then trained as assistants. They do western style dentistry with equipment much like any dental office in the U.S. but in a group environment. While at the clinic, I saw a montage of nationalities. Speaking second, third and fourth languages.

Today we head for the Great Wall. 😛

Dr. L