FDA Hearing on Mercury-Based Fillings Will Question Safety Threshold

More than 30 years ago, concerned dentists organized to fight against the use of Amalgam as a dental restoration.  Amalgam is the silver filling material that is still the most commonly used dental restorative material.  The initial push-back came from the American Dental Association which did then and still does support the use of Amalgam.  The FDA didn’t want to hear anything because amalgam was grand fathered in.  And there were the amalgam producers that certainly had a “dog in the fight”.

Concerned dentists are still fighting against the use of amalgam but now there is a growing body of research on our side.  The FDA hearing is another hurdle but it is one that will probably change the standards for what is considered a toxic exposure from dental amalgams.  If it does, then warning labels will change and negative publicity will help in the demise of amalgam.

Let’s hope that this will be the beginning of the end for Amalgam.

Don Lowrance, DDS, CCN

Dr Lowrance has been a Mercury-Free dentist since 1983  and has personally dealt with mercury poisoning.  Dr Lowrance has treated  hundreds of patients for mercury toxicity.