Denture Fountain of Youth LogoEveryone deserves to have a beautiful smile, even if you’ve lost all your teeth. That’s why we offer FOY® Dentures, The Denture Fountain of Youth™, which are some of the most attractive and best-fitting dentures available.

Not only that, but FOY® Dentures fit so well that they can perform the essential role your teeth used to perform, and most dentures can’t do — restoring the natural, youthful proportions of your face so you look years, even decades younger. The effects of FOY® Dentures have to be seen to be believed. To learn what benefits you could see, please call (361) 851-8274 or email the Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today for an appointment.

Benefits of FOY® Dentures

Many people resign themselves to life with bad dentures because they don’t think there’s a difference among dentures. But there is a difference with FOY® Dentures:

  • Teeth made of latest materials and designed using advanced cosmetic dentistry principles
  • Better fit means generally no denture pain—not in your gums and not in your jaw
  • Better bite lets you enjoy more foods
  • Improved fit helps you speak clearer
  • Dentures don’t slip or click
  • Look 20 years younger or more

Dentures that are properly designed and made of the best materials available will make a difference in your appearance and in your experience. Dentures don’t have to look like dentures anymore!™ And FOY ® Dentures don’t. They look like natural teeth, and they function more like natural teeth than traditional dentures.

Why FOY® Dentures Fit Better

FOY® Dentures are not like old-fashioned dentures. They are designed using neuromuscular dentistry, which means they aren’t designed to fit just in your mouth, they are designed to fit your entire face: the joints, bones, skin, and, above all, the muscles of your face.

Why do the muscles matter so much? Your natural teeth developed through a balance of forces between the muscles of your jaw, your cheeks, and your tongue, which determined the optimal position for your teeth. If your dentures are fitted properly, these muscles can help hold your dentures in place, not just while the mouth is stationary, but while it’s moving, too, which means better retention when you’re talking or eating.

How FOY® Dentures Help You Look Younger

As we get older, skin in our face can begin to sag and fold. A plastic surgeon might say that this is “excess skin” that needs to be trimmed away while the remainder is stretched tight over your facial structures. Although skin may stretch a little, the real problem isn’t too much skin, but reduced facial proportions.

As your teeth wore down and were eventually lost, the skin that grew in balance with those teeth is now too large. It hangs down or folds in around the lower third of your face.

Traditional dentures don’t help, because they’re often designed to match the proportion of your teeth just before they were lost, which is too small for your skin. And they can make matters even worse: traditional dentures often try to improve the stability of dentures by moving the teeth back into the mouth, leaving your face not only vertically deficient, but horizontally deficient as well. This is what creates the sunken in appearance around the mouth of denture wearers.

FOY® Dentures, though, are designed to match the natural proportions of your face, which reduces the amount of “excess” tissue. This will reduce the appearance of:

  • Folds and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Jowls
  • Turkey neck
  • Witch’s chin

And many other common sighs of aging in the lower third of the face. Without surgery (and without surgery risk), you can get results that you might have looked for from a facelift.

Compatible with Dental Implants

It’s also important to remember that if you’ve lost all your teeth, dental implants will have to support a denture, and that denture quality still matters with implants. Although dental implants can give you the fit and security you want for your dentures, they can’t ensure you’ll see facial rejuvenation unless your dentures are properly designed.

Want to learn what FOY® Dentures can do for you? Please call (361) 851-8274 or contact the Corpus Christi Center for Cosmetic Dentistry to talk to a Corpus Christi Denture Dentist.