ScienceDaily (2009-07-31) — Everyone knows that vitamins “from A to zinc” are important for good health. Now, a new research study suggests that zinc may be pointing the way to new therapeutic targets for fighting infections. Specifically, scientists found that zinc not only supports healthy immune function, but increases activation of the cells (T cells) responsible for destroying viruses and bacteria.

Comment: Dr Lowrance
This could be the edge that people in high risk categories need to fight off infections from the Swine Flu Virus to simple colds. Zinc is cheap and easy to take in a capsule. If you take high levels of Zinc, you should also take Copper to offset the potential deficiency caused by high zinc supplementation. As a Clinical Nutritionist and Dentist in Corpus Christi, I have been recommending zinc supplementation to my dental patients for years. Dentist are in a unique position to evaluate their patients on a 6 month basis for overall health, nutrition, sleep apnea and of course, dental health.

Dr. Lowrance
general and family dentist
Corpus Christi, TX