Two hours outside of Beijing (20 million people live within its bondaries) you can be on a portion of the Great Wall of China. It is a wonder of the world. Of all the things we saw in Beijing and China, this was by far the most awesome. You cannot image its size and the difficulty of construction without standing on it. The Wall straddles mountain knife edge ridges with guard towers and signal tower at regular intervals. As you can see for the photos, just walking “on it” can mean a strenous hike. When I get home to CC, I will post more of these pictures for you to see.

Tonight is New Years night here. We are one day ahead of you there (14 hrs). We did last minute things today and tonight we had food (mucho delicious) at a Belgium restuarant. Then we did the most decadent thing I have ever done. We all went and had a 90 minute food message. There is no way, really, of explaining this delight. Foot message is a misnomer. They do work on your feet (really well) but neck, head and shoulders are a part of it. It was wonderful. Enough said about that or you will begin to take me as strange.

We are leaving tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM for the U.S.A. and will be back in CC by Tuesday sometime. Thank you for letting me take this time with our daughter for her 30th birthday, Christmas and New Years. It was a special occassion that we were able to enjoy with her and Robert. We are greatful.

Dr. L :)


The Wall and Me

D and K on the Wall

Singal Towers on the Wall

If you look closely at the ridge closest to you and the one farthest away you can see the Wall Towers at regular intervals and you can see how steep the mountains are. Amazing.