Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Sustained Use of CPAP Slows Deterioration of Cognition, Sleep, and Mood in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Preliminary Study.

ALZ (Alzheimer’s) patients are a fragile group who will show rapid decline in their ability to remember and fuction IF they are put under physical or mental stress.  Oxidative stress in particular effects the brain.
This study shows that even a small drop in oxygen levels at night due to Sleep Apnea will lead to more ALZ symptoms; while, a increase in oxygen using a CPAP device will slow the ALZ symptoms.
The same thing happens in normal adults and children but on a less recognizable scale.  Children with large tonsils and adenoids, adults who snore and have upper airway blockage will have subclinical (less recognizable) effects from oxygen deprivation at night.

Don’t let your children or loved ones start on a road that will lead to mental and physical oxygen starvation symptoms.

As a Family Practice Dentist in Corpus Christi, I am trained to check the airway and and look for symptoms of Sleep Apnea and Hyponea.   I can request Sleep Studies (Polysonomogram or PSG) and work with your physician to resolve the problems.  I talk about this problem on KFTX radio with Dr Bruce.  You can hear this each week day morning at 97.5 Real Country.

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