That is a Chinese idiom for “same-o-same-o” or in Chinese literally “horse, horse; tiger, tiger”. Well we are back and it is literally Ma Ma Hoo Hoo”. Got in late Monday night and up Tues morning to the office and treated patients today. If it wasn’t for the magnificient team I have, there is no way I could have done that. They were already there and it was running like a fine movement watch. I love those gals. The trip back (going eastward) is harder on me. We went through customs at LAX where I made a scene with the taking my shoes off thing. I had been through 3 security checks already that day and my shoes stayed on. Now they wanted a small pair of blunt scissors and my shoes off. I say shoes “on”. The 6 ft. something says “off”. They did come off but I was punished with a full pat-downs and wanding. But no clubbing or LA style “high speed chase”. Just a spike in blood pressure.

JAL ( Japan Airlines ) is an American Airlines partner but was by far the best of the partner relationship. I highly recommend them. They fly out of Dallas DFW, LA LAX and Las Vegas McCarran Airport if you are going to the Orient, try them.

I got my picture taken with some traditional Japanese dress (not on me) but with some JAL employees while at the Tokyo NRT Narita airport. I like being tall. But it only works in Japan and China.

In the future, I want to talk about the Corpus Christi as well as other things. And, I am going to make it easier for you to contribute your thoughts.

Thanks for following the trip.

Dr. L