Makkar: Pure Power Mouthguards.

Can a revolutionary mouthguard really improve your game?  Shaquile O’Neil and Terrell Owens believes it does.  There is a lot of talk now days about improving your strength, endurance and balance without drugs and steroids.  This product–the PPM mouthguard–does this by properly aligning your jaw, shoulders and spine.  This physiological optimization of the body makes all the difference in these guys.  Other “so called” power enhancing mouthguards like the UA’s Edge just guess at what the best physiological position is.  The PPM uses data input from EMG muscle readings and power testing to correctly determine the optimal position for your jaw.  You not only Feel the improvement, you can see the improvement with the laboratory testing.

Visit the new PPM website and listen to the testimonies of these “top of the game” athletes and see what they have to say.

This special physiological appliance is only offered by a few dentists in the USA; and, I am one of them.

Call me if you are interested.

Dr Don Lowrance
Corpus Christi, TX