Press Release – CPAP Intolerance And CPAP Failures Are Common But Somnodent MAS By Somnomed Offers A Comfortable And Effective Treatment For Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Comment:  Dr. Lowrance

CPAP Intolerance is a failure problem in treating Sleep Apnea that leaves approximately 50% of diagnosed Sleep Apnenics untreatable.  Dental Appliances like the Somnodent MAS and other MORA devices can effectively and comfortably treat the majority of these failed CPAP patients successfully.

I have been treating Apnea patients with these appliances in my Corpus Chrisit dental office for several years and encourage my patients to recommend them to their friends as the first line of treatment in Sleep Apnea.

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Dr. Lowrance
general dentist
Corpus Christi, TX