Secrets your dentist doesn’t want you to know — DailyFinance.

Truly an excellent article.   I find myself affirmed when I read this.  Every dentist needs to be doing these things.

Beware!  With Obamacare and even the PPO’s , you can end up with a doc-in-the-box.  They have NO time to do any of these things and certainly not the resources.  Their insurance program that they have signed onto tell “the doctors” what they can and cannot do for you.  Basically, you are screwed.  You can tell how I feel about them.

Read this article and pass it along to your friends.

Dr. L.

Dr Lowrance is a Family Practice Dentist in Corpus Christi, TX.   He is also a board certified Clinical Nutritionist and regularly counsels his patients on good nutrition.  He also treats TMJ  and headache patients using neuromuscular principles and treats Sleep Apnea patients as well as snoring problems.  He sees patients who are CPAP intolerant and want an alternative to the “machine”.
Dr Lowrance is Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute and advanced Cosmetic Dentist. He is on the leading edge of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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