We got to DFW at 5:30 AM on Tues. morning. Check-in went well and by 7:40 we were in the air flying business class (thanks to my American Airlines miles). Business class is nice. We arrived in LA at LAX and had 3 hrs. to change to Tom Bradley International Airport. You have to go out of the domestic airport and walk to Tom Bradley. When you get there, you know you are going out of the country. 75% of the people were oriental. Long lines and lots of baggage. One perk of flying business is we got to stay at the JAL (Japan Airlines) business lounge. Quiet, restful and free treats. By 11:20 AM PST we were in the biggest plane I have ever been in and on our way up the coast to Alaska, out past the Aluetians Island and down the west coast of Russia to Toyko (9 hrs). I had the Japanesse meals (very different). The sweet stewardesses bowed all the time and spoke so quietly that Karen had to tell me what they were saying. Tokyo (Naritia) airport was busy and nice.

Crossing the International Date Line threw us in Wednesday which was a very short day. Another 4 hr. flight from NRT and we were landing in Beijing at 9:30 PM Wed. night. First impression was that for a city of 20 million people here, there were hardly any lights. It was incredibilbly dark. It was NO Las Vegas at night. Going through customs and picking our bags up was a non-event. Easy. Seeing our daughter was worth the trip.

Megan greets us at the PEK airport

Now it is Thru moring and I am going to get my back adjusted. I let you know more tomorrow.

From Beijing (14 hrs. ahead of Corpus), have a good day.

Dr. L.