Who really cares? I called two different departments in the city regarding this trashed out major intersection. They didn’t know but they could tell me someone else to call. Hum. I called until I felt like I was calling in a circle. Then I got the name of a Tex Dot person to call. They in turn gave me another name. That person took my information and said they would get back to me on this. They didn’t say when. :(

So here is how it stands. This intersection of SPID and Everhart is one of the top high traffic intersections in the city. At 5 PM, the traffic can be backed up all the way to Frost Bank. The city counsel person for that district doesn’t care. I have talked with him about it. They city doesn’t know who it belongs to so they don’t care. The state is not sure if it is theirs, so they don’t care. I can’t even find out who can give me permission to care for it.

For two and a half weeks we have had two abandoned shopping carts there, a pile of trash and broken limbs. This is a metaphor for our city government.

Dr. Lowrance